Sony CDP-C715 5-Disc CD Player

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Sony CDP-C715 5 Disc Carousel CD Player Deck, Remote Control, Audio Cables, Manual

  • 5-Disc Carousel
  • It is equipped with a serial chain function and can connect two CDP-C715 Players
  • The D/A converter consists of a high-density linear converter system, a 45-bit noise-shaping digital filter and a pulse D/A converter.
  • The CDP-C715 uses a single-mode pulse D/A converter. A single pulse D/A converter provides a 4D/A output that outputs positive-phase and negative-phase LR signals.
  • The CDP-C715 is equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP).
    The DSP uses digital signal processing to reproduce the surround effect produced by reflected sound and reverberation sound. You can enjoy seven types of sound field space (hall, church, jazz club, stadium, disco, lybloom and BGM) with one touch operation. You can also adjust the sound quality and reverberation of the set sound field to your preference and store it in a DSP file for each disc.
    The DSP function is not designed to work with optical digital output.

  • Fixed and Variable Outputs
  • Digital Output
  • Continue
  • Shuffle
  • Program