NEW Magnavox MDR513H/F7 HDD & DVD Recorder With Digital Tuner

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NEW, Complete in Open Box

320GB DVD Recorder, Remote Control, RCA Cable, Manual

  • 320GB HDD & DVD Recorder
  • Built-in ATSC/NTSC Tuner (SD Output)
  • HDMI 1080p Upconversion
  • Progressive Scan Output

The Magnavox MDR513H/F7 320GB DVD Recorder is a multi-functional DVD recorder with a built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner that outputs standard definition video. With the 320GB HDD, you can not only play content from the hard drive, DVD or CD, but also record onto the hard drive or DVD and edit them later.

With the MDR513H/F7, you could potentially record a TV show to the hard drive, keep it there and delete commercials with the editing features, then save it to a DVD or simply keep it on the hard drive. For convenience purposes it has one-touch recording (OTR)and 1-button dubbing. There are six recording modes with record times from 64-387 minutes on HDD and 60-360 minutes on disc.

This recorder features HDMI 1080p upconversion, meaning you can enjoy crisp, clear picture quality when you connect it to an HDMI-enabled display. Since it is progressively scanned, this allows for a smoother picture quality than interlaced scan methods. And if you have MP3 files and JPEG photos saved to a CD or DVD disc, you can enjoy those too.

With the included fully functional remote control, adjustments can easily be made from the couch. For a DVD recorder with a generous amount of recording space and integrated tuner and compatibility for several disc types, the MDR513H/F7 makes a useful addition to any home entertainment system.

Magnavox MDR513H/F7 Overview

HDMI 1080p Upconversion
You can enjoy clearer audio and video output by connecting this unit to a display device with an HDMI-compatible port. HDMI 1080p upscaling delivers images that are crystal clear. Enjoy your standard definition movies in high definition resolution to ensure highly detailed and true-to-life imaging. Since HDMI makes a direct digital connection that can carry uncompressed digital HD video as well as digital multichannel audio without conversions to analog, they can deliver exceptional picture and sound quality.

Progressive Scan
This recorder features a progressive scan system, which provides less flickering than conventional interlaced scanning and can produce images in higher resolution than that of traditional television signals. Progressive Scan eliminates the line structure prevalent on TV screens, again ensuring relentlessly sharp images.

The integrated 320GB HDD can record up to 387 hours of programming (with SLP mode). It also features one-touch timer recording and allows you to program the unit to record up to 36 timer programs for unattended recording.
Plays MP3 and JPEG Digital Camera Photos
If you have MP3 music files or JPEG digital still pictures stored on a CD-R/RW, DVD+R/+RW, or DVD-R/-RW, you can enjoy them on your HDTV screen with the MDR-513H/F7. MP3s can also be played back from audio CDs.

Dolby Digital Decoding
By connecting this unit to an amplifier or decoder which is compatible with Dolby Digital, you can experience the theater surround sound in your own living room when using discs that are encoded with this audio format. You can also enjoy virtual surround sound from your existing 2-channel stereo system for a wider soundstage for your movie soundtracks and music.

4-Way Dubbing
This recorder offers four ways of dubbing. You can record HDD to DVD, DVD to HDD, DV to HDD or DV to DVD for flexibility.

Editing HDD and DVD Content
This player offers an array of editing options. For both HDD and DVD content you can delete a title, put your favorite names on titles, set and clear chapter marks on titles, and divide a title into two (2) or more. For HDD only, you can delete a scene from a title if you want. With DVD content you will be able to hide chapters to keep others from playing back some chapters without permission, change pictures for an index, and assign your favorite disc name.

Additional Features
  • Up to 36 timer programs for unattended recording (unit on/off)
  • One-touch timer recording (OTR)
  • Automatic chapter mark setting
  • Automatic title list marking
  • Left channel stereo recording
  • Autostart recording with 6-hour buffer
  • Quick search for what you want to watch
  • Variable skip and replay to skip forward or back a specified time
  • Parental lock function to restrict playback (DVD only)