Denon DN-T625 Professional Combination CD Player and Cassette Player

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The DN-T625 stands is a professional combination CD player and cassette player/recorder, encased in a 3U rack-mount chassis. Noteworthy features encompass RS-232C serial control, CD-RW playback, shock memory, Dolby C noise reduction, CD text, and a split-level mono XLR output for aligning input levels with mixing boards.

The CD player boasts versatile functions such as a ±12% variable pitch for playback speed, A-B repeat mode, single/continuous playback mode, and a back cue feature. Swift track access is facilitated by a rotary control knob. Additionally, the unit offers digital SPDIF output and sync and cascade control for seamless integration with multiple DN-T625 units. Automation of digital servo adjustment ensures that the CD player optimally configures itself for the specific type of CD being played, compensating for any changes in the pickup mechanism that may occur over years of use.

Designed for churches, schools, restaurants and a variety of other music-source applications, the DN-T625 allows users to create their own recordings from disc to cassette, or mix sounds from both sources