Philips CDR880 CD-R/RW CD Recorder

Philips CDR880 CD-R/RW CD Recorder - Refurbished

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Cleaned, tested, and confirmed to be fully functional. 

Recorder, OEM Remote, RCA Cables, Manual, 5-Pack CD-R Music Discs, Batteries

A very good unit for recording own CDs from digital and analog sources. It is very easy to use, like a cassette deck. 
You can compile your own CDs easily, even from digital and analog sources on the same CD, and until the CD is not finalized yet you can also add tracks in later "sessions". 

NOTE: Like all Audio CD Recorders, this requires CDR’s with the explicit label “For Digital Audio” or “for Music”. (Included) They will NOT record to regular computer data CDRs.
  • Single player/recorder. 
  • Analog, digital coax, and digital optical inputs. 
  • Digital coax and optical outputs. 
  • Recorder direct to CD from external sources.