PYE PY90DG DVD Recorder

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DVD Recorder, Remote, AV Cables, Batteries, Manual
Dimensions: 17.5 x 10.2 x 3 inches.

This unit is compatible with DVD+RW/DVD-RW, DVD+R/DVD-R
Up to 8 program recording
One-touch Timer Recording
Automatic Chapter mark setting:
Automatic Title list making:
The unit makes title list with the index automatically.
Left channel stereo recording
Theater surround sound in your home:
When connecting the unit to an amplifier or a decod-
er which is compatible with Dolby Digital, you are
allowed to experience the theater surround sound
from discs with surround sound system.
Quick search for what you want to watch:
You can easily find the part you want to watch using
the search function. Search for a desired point on a
disc by title, chapter or time.
Virtual Surround System:
You can enjoy stereophonic space through your
exciting 2 channel stereo system.
Playing back on MP3/WMA disc:
You can enjoy MP3/WMA files which are recorded on
Deleting titles:
You can delete titles which you do not need any-
Putting names on titles:
You can put your favorite names on titles.
Setting / Clearing chapter marks:
You can set / clear chapter marks on titles.
Hiding unwanted chapters:
To keep others from playing back some chapters
without permission, you can hide chapters.