Sony DVDirect VRD-MC10 DVD Recorder

Sony DVDirect VRD-MC10 DVD Recorder and Player HDMI Output

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 Professionally Serviced - 90 Day Warranty

Easily transfer your home VHS or camcorder tapes to DVD - no computer required

Connect to compatible TV via HDMI, component, or composite video to playback DVDs


Sony DVDirect VRD-M10 Recorder/Player

Sony OEM Power Supply

NEW 6' RCA AV Cables

NEW 12' HDMI Cable


(5) Blank DVD-R Discs



Playback on Device is compatible with NTSC (US) TV video signals only

HD video cannot be played on standard DVD players; a Blu-ray player is required

HDMI output connects the DVDirect to an HDTV

Standard home theater outputs connect to a TV for playback

Sony VRDMC10 Overview:

The DVDirect MC10 Multi-Function DVD Recorder from Sony is a stand-alone DVD recorder

that lets you easily transfer home video and digital photos to DVD discs without the need for a computer.

It can be connected to almost any camcorder for real-time DVD recording. Preview video and digital photos on the built-in 2.7" color LCD screen

The burner even has a digital camera memory card reader to let you burn a DVD slideshow of your pictures.

This is a great option for anyone who has a digital video or still camera and would like to burn DVDs without the need for a computer.