Sony DVP-NC625 5-Disc Carousel DVD/CD changer

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Cleaned, tested, and confirmed to be fully functional. Restored to excellent condition.

Sony DVP-NC625 5-Disc Carousel DVD/CD changer, Remote, RCA Cables, Manual
Dimentions: 17 x 3 x 16" inches
Weight: 11 lbs

Precision Drive 2 System: Providing an improved mechanism for reading DVD discs that are in less than perfect condition, Precision Drive 2 improves over last years Precision Drive to further eliminate errors in playback due to imperfect, scratched or warped DVD discs.

27MHz/10-bit Video D/A Converter: This player uses a 27MHz/10-bit video D/A converter, which reduces digital artifacts for a better picture.

192kHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter: This player features a 192kHz/24-bit audio digital-to-analog converter.

Note: When the unit is playing a DVD recorded with a sampling rate of 96kHz, the signal is down-sampled and output through the Digital Out jack as a 48kHz/16-bit signal.

MP3 Playback: This unit will play MP3 files recorded onto CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW discs using the ISO 9660 level 1/level 2, or Joliet formats. Each disc can have a maximum of 100 albums and the unit will play no more than a combined total of 200 albums and tracks.

Digital Video Enhancer: The Digital Video Enhancer makes the picture appear clear and crisp by enhancing the outlines of images on your TV screen. You can select one of three levels; each level enhances the outline more than the previous level. In addition, you can select "Soft", which softens the image, or the Digital Video Enhancer can be turned off.

Block Noise Reduction (BNR): The BNR function adjusts the picture quality by reducing the "block noise" or mosaic-like patterns that appear on your TV screen.