Transfer VHS to PC or Laptop - RCA to USB Video Audio Capture Card Kit

Transfer VHS to PC or Laptop - RCA to USB Video Audio Capture Card Kit

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Connect your VCR, 8mm Camera, or anything that has and RCA Output. Records onto your computer or laptop.


   Connection to record the output of a games console or video device. It includes the driver and software to record the source onto your computer/laptop giving you the power to do what you will with it. It also includes a USB extension cable just in case you need that extra length between the source device and your computer/laptop.
   This is bundled with an RCA to RCA Cable and a Scart to S-Video or RCA Adapter, you can record video/audio from many different devices, these include: VHS, VCR, DVD, TV, DV, analog camcorder, Video Camera, CCTV Camera, games consoles

Anything that will output video and/or audio.
It uses a USB 2.0 interface to plug into your computer or laptop and a full left/right audio, sync and s-video.

Requirements On Computer/Laptop:
A free 2.0 USB port
Windows Win7/Win8/Win10/2000/XP/Vista/Win32 64 bit
Pentium 4 3GHz or above
At Least 600MB hard drive space for program
4GB Free hard drive space recommended for recording and editing
At Least 1024MB of RAM

Installation Guide:
    Step 1: Insert the CD-ROM to Install the drivers and application software.
    Step 2: Connect USB Video Capture with analog video source and computer.
    Step 3: Open the software to capture video and audio programs into your computer.
    Step 4: Edit the recording video audio files with the software.
    Step 5: Transfer the video audio files to your iPod, PSP, Mobile Phone or upload directly to Youtube.

Package content:
    1x USB Video Capture Device with Composite & S-Video Female Inputs
    1x Software CD
    1x Scart to RCA/S-Video Adapter
    1x RCA to RCA Cable
    1x USB Cable
    1x User Manua