Vintage Realistic 31-1988 Frequency Equalizer 5-Band EQ

Vintage Realistic 31-1988 Frequency Equalizer 5-Band EQ

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Cleaned, tested, and confirmed to be fully functional. Unit shows light scuffs and scratches.

Year: (1982-84)

The Realistic Stereo Frequency Equalizer is designed to tailor the frequency response of your stereo system. Since it has separate controls for each channel, it gives you an almost infinite combination of control variations. The controls each have a range of approximately 24 dB (±12 dB) and are marked in 4 dB increments.

There are many reasons why you need such a specialized component. The speakers, the room, your ears and your personal preferences vary greatly. For example, if a speaker is simply moved 6 to 8" (15 to 20 cm) away from the wall, the bass response at 50 Hz could drop as much as 8 to 10 dB. The furnishings in the room, such as stuffed chairs, draperies and floor covering can affect the high and middle frequency response very dramatically.

It is a known fact that our hearing changes with age and varies greatly from person to person or if the sound pressure or volume is decreased. The ear's low frequency response at low volume can drop as much as 15 dB at normal conversational levels.

Normal tone controls vary too much of the audio spectrum. If we want to increase the low bass, we also increase the middle bass which very often muddies up the whole bottom end. The same is true with the treble control.

The Frequency Equalizer with its five frequency ranges can give almost an infinite number of possible frequency response variations. It will allow you to match your speakers to your room and the music to your ears, without adding distortion, hum or hiss.

The Equalizer can also be used when making recordings of old LP's or 78's without losing the main portion of the music. It can get rid of the scratchy top, add a little needed bass, and really bring some of those old 78's alive again.

Output Level: 1V
  • Gain: ± 0dB
  • Frequency response: 5Hz to 100kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.02%
  • Control Range: ± 12dB
  • Frequency Bands: 60, 240, 1K, 3.5K, 10KHz